How to Properly Use Hard Wax Beans

How to Properly Use Hard Wax Beans

February 02, 2017

When used correctly, hard wax beans are an effective and painless method for hair removal. So what’s the best way to go about using them? Here is my expert step-by-step breakdown, to ensure you do it just right and achieve the very best results!

Start by thoroughly cleansing and then drying the skin in the area that you intend to wax. Ensuring that your skin is clean, dry, and grease-free is the ideal way to prepare it for waxing. To go the extra mile, I would advise that you exfoliate a day or two before you intend to wax as well.

Next, heat up the wax pellets until they melt. This should ideally be done using a wax warmer, but you can also do it in the microwave if you wish.

Once the beads have melted and attained liquid form, get the wax mixture to a working temperature - if you have a wax warmer, simply lower the heat setting, and if you warmed the beads up in a microwave, allow them to cool down for a minute or two. To test the temperature and see if it is right, apply a very tiny amount of the wax on to the inside of your wrist - when it feels comfortable on your skin, but is still runny and liquid, you’re ready to begin waxing!

Check the direction of hair growth in the area you intend to wax, so you can apply the wax in that direction. This step is a must when you’re using other waxes, but is not strictly required for hot waxing beans. However, I advise that you do apply the hot wax along the direction of the hair growth, as this will yield the best results.

Then, using an applicator stick (or a spatula), spread a moderately thick layer of wax over the desired area, in the direction of the hair growth. Make sure you leave the wax thicker around the edges of your wax patch, as that will make it easier to pull off later.

Give it some time to let it cool off and firm up. You can test its progress by tapping on it. When it feels like it has set, but is still pliable and feels flexible, you’ll know it is ready to be removed.

Grasp the wax patch firmly by the edge (it is really easy to peel off just using your fingers, but if you need to loosen up the edge a little, simply use your applicator stick or spatula). Then, hold your skin taut with one hand and with the other, in one smooth, fluid and firm motion, rip the wax patch off AGAINST the direction of the hair growth. Trust me when I say ripping it off quickly is crucial! Waxing can hurt if you slowly peel off wax patches; the key is to do a single, quick, smooth rip for every wax patch you apply, and hard wax beans are specially formulated to help with this. No wonder they are painless!

Take a moment to marvel at how that didn’t hurt at all! Admire your smooth, hair-free skin. If you experience a little post-wax redness (it can happen sometimes), apply a cooling product like aloe vera gel.

Repeat the process until you’re smooth and hair-free!