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Waxing with Hard Wax vs Strips – Why Wax Beads Rock

Waxing with Hard Wax vs Strips – Why Wax Beads Rock

There are several reasons why hard wax beans are gaining traction and becoming so popular among DIY-ers and professionals alike. Firstly, you don’t need any cloth or strips – you can perform stripless waxing using these beads because they harden after application and yet the wax patch remains pliable, meaning it can be easily pulled off with the fingers, without requiring any additional equipment. This makes it a highly convenient, user-friendly method for hair removal.

Hard wax beans are non-sticky and easy to peel off – their unique formula ensures that they don’t stick to the skin and only attach to the hairs, so the wax patches are easy to peel off, effective at pulling the hair out, and result in no mess or stickiness! Stripless, hassle-free waxing? Yes please!

Secondly, using waxing beans for hair removal is quite painless (I say ‘quite’ because the level of pain also depends partly on how you pull off the wax patch and the sensitivity of the area you are waxing). The pain is a major reason why so many people avoid waxing, and frequent screams are the norm in waxing salons.

This is why hard waxing beans are a miracle. Compared to other types of waxing and methods such as epilation, hard wax beads are painless when used correctly. This type of wax does not stick to the skin – it only attaches itself to the hair, tightly gripping it and hardening around it as it dries.

As it dries, it becomes firm but remains pliable, making it super easy to pull off; when pulled, it removes only the hairs, which means there is minimal pain and irritation involved in the process.

This means no cuts, bruises, or rashes, and if you’re careful enough to test the temperature of the wax before you start applying it to your skin, there’s no danger of any burns either!

I have a very low pain threshold (read: I can be a big baby sometimes) and this is one of the things I love the most about hard wax beans – unlike most hard waxes that stick to the skin and cause immense pain and bruising when you rip them off, hard wax beans are gentle and easy on the skin.

Then there is the actual thoroughness and effectiveness of hard wax beans at hair removal. Even coarse, hard hairs are removed with a good application and these beans can be used to easily remove hair from all parts of the body, including legs, armpits and even the face.

Most hairs will be caught in the first pass and even if some are left, you can easily go over them in a second pass during the same waxing session (or tweeze them later if you prefer). Since the application and use of hard wax beans is so easy, they are even used for DIY hard wax Brazilian treatments at home!

However, a DIY Brazilian requires practice so from personal experience I’m just going to advise you all to take it slow, especially if you are new to waxing yourself. Start by practicing on your arm or a patch on your legs, and then try out the wax on small patches of your bikini area (newbies should never try to do large areas in one go) to help yourself get the hang of it. But honestly, the wax beads are so easy to use, with some practice you’ll be a pro in no time!

Another major benefit of these beads is that hard wax beans are compatible with all skin types, including sensitive skin types, which makes them more accessible for a lot of women and men who might not be able to get good results with soft waxes, traditional hair removal creams and other products.

Hard wax beans have effective and long-lasting results – since they pull the hair out from the root, the regrowth can take many weeks to a month. Regular waxing can thin the hair over time, and with hard wax beans, you can be sure that you are not causing any distortion of hair follicles. Other types of wax might damage the hair follicles and lead to pain, unruly hair and/or ingrown hairs if hair is removed in the direction in which it grows, but hard wax beans can safely remove hair at any angle.

Finally, there’s the financial aspect of it all – simply put, hard wax beans are a safe, effective, painless, easy to use, stripless, and mess-free hair removal method which serves as a great and inexpensive alternative to beauty/waxing salons.

Combined, all these advantages make hard wax beans a popular hair removal choice for home waxing and even for professional salon hair removal.

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