Why Hard Wax Beans instead of regular wax?

Hard Wax works incredibly good on coarse hair and in sensitive areas because as it cools and hardens, it grabs the hair and lifts it up off of the skin.  Once the hair is lifted and the wax is cool, the removal process is far less painful because it only grabs the hair and doesn't pull on the skin. Most people find Hard Wax Bean products to be far less painful.

What does waxing actually do?

Waxing is a temporary depilation method. But waxing removes the roots, so hair takes 3 – 5 weeks longer to grow back than after shaving or using depilatory cream, and without stubbles. Depending on body area and hair type, you can go for that swim for 4 – 8 weeks without having to worry about body hair. And… after a wax the hair comes back softer and less abundant. As a bonus, the wax removes dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and silky soft.

Should I buy the Pro Wax Heater as well?

We recommend it as the preferred method for heating your wax.  You will have better control than other methods such as the microwave or using boiling water.  Pro Wax heaters ensure a nice even heat at the temperature you can tolerate is achieved for a great wax.

What is the significance of the essential oils in the Hard Wax Beans?

Essential oils have well known healing properties.  Because we want you to look and feel your best, we have displayed the most popular essential oil/wax combinations to ensure you have a pain free experience and that your skin is restored to a beautiful state as quickly as possible.

What treatment should I do for my skin after I wax?

For the first 24 hours:

  • Avoid bathing or (too) hot showers.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or sunbathing (or artificial tanning).
  • Avoid saunas or steam baths.
  • Don’t swim.
  • Don’t wear tight or non-breathing clothes to avoid infection: waxed skin needs air.
  • Avoid perfumed products on the waxed skin.
  • Avoid touching the waxed skin: the empty follicles are easily infected by bacteria and need some time to settle down and close.
  • No oil-based or tanning products.
  • Avoid products with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) which may irritate waxed skin.

After 24 hours:

  • Start a gently scrub after 3 days.
  • Avoid waxing just before your period when your skin may be more sensitive.
  • Don’t shave between waxes: this would affect the hair grow cycle.
  • Protect your body from direct sunlight using a good sun cream.

Can I amend my order?

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